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My talented staff and I are here to help you find relief from your overwhelming debt. We will assist you in getting you back on your feet financially. We will facilitate the obtaining of a discharge of debt in bankruptcy and make sure you have the tools and knowledge going forward to make sound financial decisions.

Give me a call and I will discuss your case personally. Contact The Harris Law Practice for a free and confidential consultation.
Many good people wind up in financial trouble because of challenging circumstances such as a job loss, an expensive medical issue, and other adverse conditions. This can lead to mounting debt with little hope of paying it back, causing enormous stress for individuals and their families. In these types of situations, one of the best ways to get back on your feet financially is through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy helps those facing financial troubles obtain a fresh start or develop a manageable plan to repay their debts. One of the greatest benefits of filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is stopping creditor harassment. You can put an immediate end to annoying phone calls and threatening letters. You can also put an end to civil proceedings such as monetary judgments, and Chapter 13 allows you to stop foreclosure proceedings on your home.

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6151 Lakeside Dr. Suite 2100
Reno, Nevada  89511

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