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Chapter 11 Reorganization

Chapter 11 Reorganization for Businesses and Individuals

Because we are also knowledgeable in how business works, we can address your business creditor issues including liquidation or reorganization.


There are different types of business bankruptcy petitions available. It is important to note that federal bankruptcy law is extraordinarily complex. There are serious financial consequences for making the wrong decisions, and every business bankruptcy situation is unique.

We combine our courtroom experience and in-depth familiarity with the law to aggressively pursue our clients’ interests.  Our understanding of how bankruptcy issues affect day-to-day business operations allows us to counsel our clients on practical ways to achieve their goals, which may include creative and practical out-of-court workouts.  We are well known for our litigation capabilities, which often motivates our adversaries to negotiate and consider efficient consensual resolutions.  From advising, to negotiating, to litigating, we know how to achieve successful results under often expedited time constraints.

Individuals who do not qualify for chapter 7 or 13 because of higher earnings, assets, or debts can also file for chapter 11 protection. We have vast experience with chapter 11 proceedings for individuals and can help you understand your options.

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Our firm engages in all phases of bankruptcy law and restructuring throughout Nevada. We have handled several of the largest cases representing clients as debtors, creditors, asset purchasers, landlords, investors, insurers and trustees.

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