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Stephen R. Harris, Esq.

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Bankruptcy Laws Specific to Nevada

Are you concerned about losing personal property & assets? Nevada is a debtor-friendly state with exemption laws protecting a lot of your property and assets. Call us today to set up your complimentary consultation with our lawyer, Stephen Harris.

4 Ways To Manage Student Loan Debt

More than four million borrowers have defaulted on student loans, but if they’re hoping bankruptcy will bail them out, they better have a Plan B If your student loan payments seem overwhelming, you should know that you’re not alone. Americans are shouldering a growing...

3 Types of Asset Transfers and Their Risks

Don't Try to Outsmart the System Asset transfers can pose a problem if not handled with knowledge and guidance from your bankruptcy attorney. As the saying goes, “This is not their first time at the dance”. Bankruptcy courts do cases all day long. They have seen it...

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7 Ways Divorce Impacts Your Bankruptcy

7 Ways Divorce Impacts Your Bankruptcy

When a divorce is entangled with your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy filing, thorough planning and timing are an integral component to legally keeping your assets protected from the bankruptcy trustee and creditors. Obtaining the best outcome for both...

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Stephen R. Harris, Esq.

Stephen Harris, Esq. Bankruptcy Attorney in his Reno office.

Stephen Harris, Esq. Bankruptcy Attorney in his Reno office.

At Harris Law we have been providing financial protection and guidance in the Reno area for the last 46 years. Bankruptcy may not be your only option. Let’s explore all of the alternatives and possibilities that could exist for you.

Let me work with you. Please call 775-786-7600 to make an appointment for your free, confidential and personal consultation to talk things over.

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